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Selecting your Courses

Course Selection Procedure

  • To assist you in making your subject choices, each year the college holds a Senior Curriculum and Careers evening where you can discuss your choices with staff.
  • Many Year 12 and 13 courses have specific entry requirements so students choosing subjects for Year 11 need to be mindful of this when making their selection.
  • Subject options forms are provided and they are to be returned to Ms Evans, Head of Senior School, by the due date located at the bottom of the form.
  • When all student subject requests have been collected, the college decides on the number of classes to be offered in each subject.
  • Where a subject has too few students electing to take that course for it to proceed, students, in consultation with the Head or Deputy Head of the Senior School, will select an alternate subject.
  • Senior subject lines are determined early in Term 4, and where subject clashes for students occur, they will be notified and consult with the Head or Deputy Head of the Senior School to choose an alternate subject.
  • Subject lines are created to give the best fit for student choice in that given year.

At the beginning of the new academic year, the following occurs:

  • Heads of Faculty will identify any students (based on internal and external results) who have not met the entry criteria for any course.
  • On a set day, prior to the beginning of formal classes, all senior students will be asked to collect their timetables and confirm their courses. On this day, subject change requests can be made to the Head of the Senior School. The student must have discussed this request with their parents and the parents must have granted approval for this change to occur.
  • For students who have not met the entry criteria into a course, this should be discussed with the Deputy Head of the Senior School.
  • Subject changes can only be made if the class a student selects has spare capacity.
  • Where two or more classes of the same subject exist, class balancing will occur.
  • A date will be set, after which no further changes of subject can easily be made.

All courses listed in this book are subject to the following conditions:

  • Courses will only run if there are sufficient numbers.
  • Given the wide range of courses offered, it is not always possible to accommodate every combination of subjects that students choose. We try very hard to minimize subject clashes, but they do occur.
  • If a student changes their mind about their options after the completion of the timetable, it may not be possible to accommodate these changes. The class they would like to go into may be full or may clash with their other subjects.
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