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NCEA Level 2 EPIC – English and Humanities
Level 2
Number of Credits: Up to 30

7 Assessments with on Essay Examination

EPIC – Empowered Personalised Inspired Challenge 

Course Outline:

EPIC is a successful programme designed to provide students with the opportunity to access Level 2 NCEA in a more supported programme. With this holistic approach, subjects are integrated.

This may follow on from EPIC Foundation Diploma but there is open entry to this course. Providing contextualised learning with the focus on English and literacy skills, linked to areas of interest within the humanities, will provide learning that is relevant, engaging and suited to specific student needs.  

NCEA Level 2 Achievement Standards (internal and external) and Level 2 Unit Standards as alternatives, will be designed to provide a learning programme for students within planned common themes. There will be a strong focus on literacy and a variety of different writing skills. 

Students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare and maintain achievement across two subjects i.e. 8 lessons per week, rather than 4 for English.  

Skills developed in the course:

  • Effective communication, including presentation and interpretation across all learning areas
  • Application of concepts to everyday situations
  • Understanding other people’s points of view, beliefs, perspectives and cultures
  • Ability to work and learn collaboratively
  • Literacy skills
  • Formal, creative and analytical writing skills
  • Planning, research and review skills
  • Problem solving – processing information to form justified conclusions
  • Research skills – collecting, presenting, analysing and evaluating information

Course Costs: There will be a cost of up to $200 for additional standards, depending on personalised needs.

The course may lead to: NCEA Level 3 as per prior learning recommendations for English will be included in this course. Humanities courses at Level 3 have open entry but sound literacy skills from this course will be of value.


(Will be designed collaboratively based on student areas of interest and can be constructed from standards below)


AS 91099
Analyse specified aspect(s) of studied visual text(s), supported by evidence
4 Credits
Assessment Period - Term 1, Week 1-5
AS 91107
Analyse aspects of visual and/or oral text(s) through close viewing and/or listening, supported by evidence
3 Credits
Assessment Period - Term, 1, Week 6-9
AS 91102
Construct and deliver a crafted and controlled oral text
4 Credits
Assessment Period - Term 2, Week 1-3
AS 91101
Produce a selection of crafted and controlled writing.
6 Credits
Assessment Period - Term 4, Week 1-2
AS 91105
Use information literacy skills to form developed conclusions
4 Credits
Assessment Period - Term 3, Week 7-10
AS 91104
Analyse significant connections across texts, supported by evidence.
4 credits
Assessment Period - Term 1, Week 7-10


AS 91229
Carry out an inquiry of an historical event or place that is of significance to New Zealanders
4 Credits
Assessment Period - Term 2, Week 9-10 and Term 3, Week 1-3
AS 91230
Examine an historical event, or place, of significance to New Zealanders
5 Credits
Assessment Period - Term 2, Week 7-10
AS 91252
Produce a design and plan for a developed media product using a range of conventions
4 Credits
Assessment Period - Term 3, Week 3-5
AS 91253
Complete a developed media product from a design and plan using a range of conventions
6 Credits
Assessment Period - Term 3, Week 6-9
US 4252
Produce a personal targeted CV
2 Credits
US 10781
Produce a plan for own future directions
3 Credits
US 12383
Explore career options and their implications
3 Credits
US 1827
Identify support services and resources within the community
2 Credits
junior and middle school girls