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NCEA Level 1 Physical Education with Health
Level 1
Number of Credits: PE=17 and Health=11

Entry Recommendations:  Open entry.  Note: Students may enrol in either NCEA Level 1 Physical Education with Health or the NCEA Level 1 Health Studies course.

Course Outline: Students taking this course will be offered 17 credits of Physical Education and 11 credits in Health Studies. Students will have four periods per week of Physical Education and two periods per week of Health Studies. As part of the Physical Education component, students will study biophysical principles relating to the duathlon and other sporting activities, as well as participating in a range of practical activities, including an outdoor education experience. As part of the Health Studies component, students will study personal well-being, sexuality, and alcohol and drugs.

Skills developed in the course:

  • A wide range of motor skills
  • Personal and social skills
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Interpersonal skills to enhance relationships
  • An understanding of the function of the body through movement
  • Strategies to support positive well-being
  • Outdoor education experience

Course Costs: $250 – Self-defence, and an outdoor experience.

The course leads to: NCEA Level 2 Physical Education, NCEA Level 2 LEAP, NCEA Level 2 Health Studies.


AS 90962
Participate actively in a variety of physical activities and explain factors that influence own participation
5 Credits
Written assessment/physical participation
Assessment Period - ongoing throughout Terms 1, 2, 3
AS 90963
Demonstrate understanding of the function of the body as it relates to the performance of physical activity
5 Credits
Written test
Assessment Period - Term 2, Week 10, Term 3, Week 6
AS 90964
Demonstrate quality of movement in the performance of a physical activity
3 Credits
Physical performance
Assessment Period - Term 1, Weeks 7-10; Term 3, Weeks 7-10
AS 90975
Demonstrate understanding of issues to make health-enhancing decisions in drug-related situations
4 Credits
Assessment Period - end of year examination
AS 90966
Demonstrate interpersonal skills in a group and explain how these skills impact on others
4 Credits
Written assessment/physical performance
Assessment Period - Ongoing throughout Term 1 and Term 3
AS 90971
Take action to enhance an aspect of personal well-being
3 Credits
Online written assessment
Assessment Period - ongoing throughout Term 1
AS 90974
Demonstrate understanding of strategies for promoting positive sexuality
4 Credits
Written assessment
Assessment Period - Term 3, Week 7-9
Level 1 Physical Education with Health