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SMC Foundation diploma – Music


This course focuses on student’s creativity in the musical context. Students are given the flexibility to explore different musical genres of their choice and are given the opportunity to work both collaboratively and individually. There are a wide range of components covered in this course, with an emphasis on performance, creativity, and music technology.

Skills developed in this course:

  • Performance music
  • Composition / Arranging
  • Demonstration of music by listening, identifying, describing, and classifying
  • Music technology

This course leads to: NCEA Level 2 Music and IB Music


There will be SEVEN equally weighted assessment opportunities offered throughout the year of which students must choose FOUR.

Assessment Opportunities

Music Performance Portfolio

  • Solo performance – 25%
  • Group performance – 25%

Composition Portfolio

  • Songwriting – 25%
  • Arranging – 25%

Music Technology

  • ‘Live’ Sound Technology – 25%
  • Recording Studio Technology – 25%

Musical Investigation

  • Understanding Music in context – 25%

A reflective journal is also a required component of the Music Foundation Diploma Course.

junior and middle school girls