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SMC foundation diploma – mathematics with engagement 112

Entry Recommendations: Students need to have consistently displayed skills at Level 5 of the New Zealand Mathematics Curriculum or by teacher recommendation. 

Course Outline: This course consolidates and extends the work undertaken in Year 9 and Year 10.  

Skills developed in this course:

  • Gathering and processing information
  • Number and Measurement
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication of mathematical ideas

The course will embed the processes, knowledge and key-competencies of the NZC

Course costs: Approximately $100 for a Casio graphics calculator (if not already owned).

This course leads to: NCEA Level 2 Mathematics 129 or IB Mathematics Standard Level

Topics covered:

  • Numeric Reasoning
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Budgeting


  1. Topic Tests – 30%
  2. Assignments – 20%
  3. Portfolio – 25%
  4. End of Year Exam – 25%
junior and middle school girls