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Career Guidance, Education and Services

Year 10 and 11
In Year 10, each class has three Careers lessons during Term 3, before subjects are chosen for the following year.

In Year 11, Career Education is incorporated into the Step Up programme. These focus on self-awareness, broadening knowledge of career and study options, assisting with subject choice and introducing them to useful resources. We place emphasis on students becoming informed about career options and give them a sound understanding of the concept of a career path being an individual lifelong progression in learning and work.

Additional information and guidance is readily available through individual interviews with the Careers Advisor on request, resources in the Careers Room and online resources, especially the SMC Careers website, Career Central digital platform and Careers NZ.


Year 12
In Year 12, emphasis in Career Education is placed on creating or updating and expanding a student’s Curriculum Vitae, updating transferable skills, interests and values, chosen research into possible post-school options and exposure to a wide range of tertiary training and educational opportunities. Guidance is provided on Year 13 subject selection.  This is done as part of the Year 12 Lifeskills programme for NCEA students. IB students have some classroom sessions with the Careers Advisor and should also book individual interviews.

All students attend the Canterbury Careers Expo and are strongly encouraged to attend Open Days and Information Seminars outside of school, as well as presentations by visiting representatives at St Margaret’s College. The Careers Advisor is available on request at any time for girls and/or parents for individual interviews, guidance, information and resources. 

Year 13
At St Margaret’s College, we realise how vital it is that every student is equipped with the best preparation possible for life beyond school.  We therefore endeavour to ensure that each student has a career plan before she leaves College. Whether her choice is tertiary education, a job or work training, each student must have a concept of her values, goals and direction.

To this end, Year 13 students are encouraged to have at least one career-planning interview with the Careers Advisor in Term 1 or 2. They will receive current and thorough educational/training information and will attend career presentations of interest to them. Key personnel are brought into the school to advise students on enrolment procedures, course planning and financial costs, student loans etc.  Much of this work is done in the Life Skills programme and supported by our careers resource systems.

Work exploration is encouraged for students during school holidays or, where appropriate, a student who wishes to follow a certain career may be linked to someone with expert knowledge of that career.  Parents are welcome to consult the Careers Advisor at any time.

For All Students and Parents
INSITE – Students – Careers Website is now the key source of up-to-date careers information relevant to our school community. This includes information about Careers events, such as open days and information seminars, courses, including holidays courses and defensive driving courses, and various other information which may be helpful e.g. university scholarships closing dates. Senior students and their parents are encouraged to subscribe to the SMC Careers website and check the automated weekly careers newsletter as approximately 10-15 different news items, events and career exploration opportunities are added each week.