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A link to the latest full SMC Newsletter is emailed to St Margaret’s families every second Thursday afternoon during term time. Please let the School Office ([email protected]) know if you change your email address.

  • SMC Insite
    The St Margaret’s College Intranet “Insite” contains a wealth of information for students and parents. It can be accessed by clicking on the INSITE logo at the top right of the St Margaret’s College website.
  • Events Calendar
    The Events Calendar is available in electronic format in the following locations:
    • Insite Website – under “Parents”
    • On the School Website – under “What’s On”
    • Through subscription on your device using the following address:
    • Student Notices
      The student noticeboard is the main means of communication with students during the school day regarding sports, cultural and other events. Parents are able to access Student Notices on Insite under the “Parents” tab.
  • Letters
    Details of events requiring parental permission are still communicated via letter. Letters may be posted but are generally emailed to parents or handed out to the girls involved. Please ensure reply slips are filled out fully and returned by the date stated.
  • Email
    Notices, letters and some subject reports are increasingly being sent to parents and caregivers by email. It is important that the primary email contact address we have for you is one that you regularly access. Please let the School Office know if you change your email address.
  • Text/Emergency Communication
    Text messages to parents and caregivers are reserved for emergencies. In the case of an emergency, a text message will be sent to each student’s primary caregiver. It is vital that we have the correct information so please let the School Office know if you change your cellphone number.
  • Website
    The St Margaret’s College website is updated regularly and contains information about many aspects of the school. Important messages, news and upcoming events can be found on the homepage. During an emergency, the website is a key source of information. Emergency messages will be displayed prominently on the home page and updates will be posted as they come to hand.
  • SMC App
    The SMC App delivers important messages directly to your mobile, keeping both parents and students up to date with what’s happening at SMC. To download, head to
  • Evergreen
    The Evergreen magazine is published twice times per year and contains news and articles about all aspects of school and alumni life. A copy of the magazine is posted to all St Margaret’s families.