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NCEA Level 3 Physical Education
Level 3
Number of Credits: 19

Entry Recommendations: NCEA Level 2 Physical Education is recommended.

Course Outline: The emphasis of this programme is to apply knowledge of exercise physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, and socio-cultural factors to a range of movement contexts. This course builds on NCEA Level 2 Physical Education and although this is not a prerequisite, it is advisable to have some knowledge of human biology or physical activity programmes.  Much of the assessment is through written assignments and students taking this course must be well-organised and self-motivated as Level 3 Physical Education offers internally assessed Achievement Standards only. Ability to critically self-evaluate is essential to achieving highly in this subject.   

Skills developed in the course:

  • Strategies for use in a variety of settings to enhance enjoyment and well-being
  • Performance in a physical activity in an applied setting
  • Programmes and practices to improve the student’s own performance
  • Critical evaluation skills

Course Costs: Physical activity experiences $40, Surfing lessons and experience $330.

Assessment: Components of this course will be selected from the following standards to suit individual learning needs.

AS 91498
Evaluate physical activity experiences to devise strategies for life-long well-being
4 Credits
Written assessment
Assessment Period - Term 3-4
AS 91499
Analyse a physical skill performed by self or others
3 Credits
Written assessment
Assessment Period - Term 2
AS 91500
Evaluate the effectiveness of a performance improvement programme
4 Credits
Written assessment
Assessment Period - Term 1
AS 91501
Demonstrate quality performance of a physical activity in an applied setting
4 Credits
Physical Performance
Assessment Period - Term 1 & 3
AS 91502
Examine a current physical activity event, trend or issue and its impact on New Zealand society
4 Credits
In class wirtten assessment
Assessment Period - Term 3
junior and middle school girls