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NCEA Level 3 LEAP – Leadership, Exercise, Attitude and Performance
Level 3
Number of Credits: 22

Entry Recommendations:  Open entry.  

Course Outline: Students will develop the opportunity to further fulfil the key dimensions of the LEAP PE course through leading others, exercise, having a positive attitude and enhancing performance across a range of physical activities. The emphasis is on learning through experimental physical activity and gaining valuable vocational skills in the Physical Education, Health and Outdoor Recreation Industries. 

Skills developed in the course: 

  • A variety of physical skills 
  • Experience a variety of recreational activities
  • Leadership of others through coaching
  • Safety management strategies in the outdoors 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of recreational patterns in New Zealand

Course Costs:  Surfing lessons and experience $330. Rock Climbing $300 approximately.

Assessment: (Please note that this subject is NOT an approved University Entrance (UE) subject).

Analyse issues in safety management for outdoor activity to devise safety management strategies
3 Credits
Written Assignment
Assessment Period - Term 1
AS 91501
Demonstrate quality of movement in the performance of a physical activity in an applied setting
4 Credits
Physical performance
Assessment Period - Term 1 & 3
US 22771
Plan a beginner level coaching session for sport participants
6 Credits
Written Coaching Plan
Assessment Period - Term 3
US 22768
Conduct and review a beginner level coaching session
6 Credits
Practical Coaching Session and Written Review
Assessment Period - Term 3
US 6896
Demonstrate knowledge of recreation
3 Credits
Written Assignment
Assessment Period - Term 2
junior and middle school girls