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NCEA Level 3 Event Management
Level 3
Number of Credits: 15-18

Course Outline: Event Management was a new course offered in 2021 and we will continue to offer it in 2022. The course supports students gaining Level 3 and working on the design of an event for the SMC or wider community in an area of interest. Students will complete Unit Standards (primarily) and each student will design an event to benefit the community, run this event in Term 3 and evaluate the success. Students will have the opportunity to be self-directed and work across multiple curricular areas where possible.

Skills developed in the course:

  • Effective communication, including listening and interviewing skills
  • Effective collection and collation of data for a specific purpose
  • Effective interpretation and presentation of information
  • Event goal setting, planning and associated timelines
  • Problem-solving, literacy and report writing skills
  • Creativity and critical thinking skills
  • Individual and collaborative work
  • Effective self-management
  • Responsibility as a community citizen

Course Costs:  There will be a maximum of $200 if a student wishes to use an additional standard relevant to their project, not offered to the group.


This course will be internally assessed. Unit Standards will be central to the design of the course. This is not a UE course but the credits gained will contribute to Level 3 NCEA.

The course will be designed collaboratively based on student interest and may draw from the following standards:

US 9695
Examine problem-solving models and explain associated techniques
3 Credits
US 30906
Plan and engage in an activity intended to benefit the community
6 Credits
US 1296
Interview in informal situations
3 Credits
US 3491
Write a report
3 Credits
US 11097
Listen actively to gain information in an interactive situation
3 Credits
junior and middle school girls