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NCEA Level 3 Environmental Biology
Level 3
Number of Credits: 14

Entry Recommendation: NCEA Level 2 Biology or Level 2 Environmental Biology or in consultation with the Head of Faculty.

Course outline: Environmental Biology aims to develop students with the motivation to take action for sustainability – in their personal lives, within their community, and also at a global scale, now and in the future. 

The class will be develop an understanding of a range of ecological concepts, including exploring different attitudes and values towards the environment.

Students will have the opportunities to explore why an issue is important, take action on issues that are meaningful to them, all the while developing the skills they need to create change. They will also continue to develop their scientific investigative and research skills during the year. 

Course Costs: Field trips $20


Achievement Standards will be selected from Level 3 Education for Sustainability (EfS), Biology, and Earth Science depending on student needs, interests and abilities. It is an internally assessed course. 

AS 90828
Evaluate a personal action that contributes towards a sustainable future
6 Credits
AS 90831
Analyse how different worldviews, and the values and practices associated with them, impact on sustainability
4 Credits
Written Report
AS 91187
Carry out an independent practical Earth Science investigation
4 Credits
Practical Investigation
AS 91411
Investigate a socio-scientific issue in an Earth Science context
4 Credits
junior and middle school girls