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NCEA Level 2 LEAP – Leadership, Exercise, Attitude and Performance
Level 2
Number of Credits: 16

Entry Recommendations:  Open entry.  

Students will develop the opportunity to fulfil the key dimensions of the LEAP PE course through leading others, exercise, having a positive attitude and enhancing performance across a range of physical activities. The emphasis is on learning through experimental physical activity and gaining valuable vocational skills in the Physical Education and Health Industry. There is currently an option for a two day summer and winter camp depending on course numbers.

Skills developed in the course: 

  • A variety of physical skills 
  • An understanding of how groups develop to become effective units
  • An understanding of the fitness industry 
  • Leadership or self and others
  • Risk management in the outdoors
  • Outdoor education experiences

Course Costs:  Physical activity experiences approximately $500

This course leads to:  NCEA Level 3 LEAP, Level 3 Physical Education 

AS 91330
Perform a physical activity in an applied setting
4 Credits
Student selected with teacher
Assessment Period - Term 3
AS 91332
Evaluate leadership strategies that contribute to the effective functioning of a group
4 Credits
Assessment Period - Term 1
AS 91333
Analyse the application of risk management strategies to a challenging outdoor activity
3 Credits
Assessment Period - Term 3
US 30933
Demonstrate exercise and stretching techniques
5 Credits
Practical demonstrations
Assessment Period - Term 2
Analyse group process in physical activity
3 Credits
Written Assessment
Assessment Period - Term 1
junior and middle school girls