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NCEA Level 2 Food and Nutrition
Level 2
Number of Credits: 19

Entry Recommendation: SMC Foundation Diploma Home Economics is an advantage.

Course Outline: The focus of study in Level 2 Home Economics is the health of specific groups of people in our community. Sports Nutrition, the Social Determinants of Health, Food Security for everyone and Food Sustainability are topics included in this study.

Skills developed in the course:

  • Understanding of the contribution specific nutrients have on health and well-being
  • Understanding of the factors in our society that impact on the health and well-being of people
  • Understanding of practices used to achieve health and well-being in the provision of food for self and others
  • Confidence and skills to provide appropriate food for others

Food and Nutrition is an aspect of the Health and Physical Education with Home Economics Curriculum. The achievement objectives and underlying concepts are shared.

This course leads to: NCEA Level 2 Home Economics – Food and Nutrition.


AS 91299
Analyse issues related to the provision of food for people with specific food needs
5 Credits
Written Assignment
Assessment Period - Term 2, Week 8/9
AS 91301
Analyse beliefs, attitudes and practices related to a nutritional issue for families in New Zealand
5 Credits
Written Assignment
Assessment Period - Term 3, Week 9
AS 91302
Evaluate sustainable food related practices
5 Credits
Written Assignment
Assessment Period - Term 1, Week 8/9
AS 91300
Analyse the relationship between well-being, food choices and the determinants of health
4 Credits
Assessment Period - end of year examination
junior and middle school girls