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NCEA Level 2 Health Studies
Level 2
Number of Credits: 15 or 20

Entry Recommendations:  Open entry. Level 1 Health Studies or Level 1 Physical Education with Health is an advantage.

Course Outline: This course is intended to follow on from Level 1 Health Studies and/or Level 1 Physical Education with Health.  It will expand on ideas and concepts covered in Level 1 but will also introduce new topics that will require students to focus on critical Health issues affecting adolescents in New Zealand society.  Interactive discussions will be an integral part of the learning process, with some course content being driven by current student needs.

Skills developed in the course:

  • Interpersonal skills to enhance relationships
  • Critical thinking skills
  • An understanding of current Health issues and strategies for Health Promotion
  • Strategies to support positive well-being
  • An understanding of attitudes, values, beliefs and social justice

The course leads to: NCEA Level 3 Health Studies and NCEA Level 3 Physical Education.


AS 91236
Evaluate factors that influence people’s ability to manage change
5 Credits
Written Assignment
Assessment Period - Term 1, Week 10
AS 91237
Take action to enhance an aspect of people’s well-being within the school or wider community
5 Credits
Online written tasks
Assessment Period - ongoing throughout Term 3
AS 91239
Analyse issues related to sexuality and gender and develop strategies to address these issues
5 Credits
Written assignment
Assessment Period - Term 2, tasks completed throughout the term
AS 91238
Analyse an interpersonal issue that places personal safety at risk. Depending on most relevant topic will do this OR AS91235 (can only do one)
4 Credits
Assessment Period - end of year examination
Analyse an adolescent health issue. Depending on most relevant topic will do this OR AS91238 (can only do one)
5 Credits
Assessment Period - end of year
junior and middle school girls