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NCEA Level 2 Environmental Biology
Level 2
Number of Credits: 20

Entry requirements: It is strongly recommended that students have completed the Foundation Diploma Biology OR Science courses with a grade of three or higher.

Course outline: Environmental Biology aims to develop students with the motivation to take action for the sustainable use of our planet – in their personal lives, within their communities and also at a global scale. 

The class will be introduced to a range of concepts from a variety of different subject areas which will all be linked to the big idea of sustainability; Agribusiness, Biology, Earth and Space Science and Education for Sustainability.

A range of learning activities and assessment tasks will allow students to continue to develop their research and writing skills, as well as how to carry out an extended investigation accurately and safely. Students will have the opportunity to identify a sustainability issue in our community and work as a part of a group to take action and, fingers crossed, make a difference.

The achievement standards covered in this course will ONLY be internal assessments, therefore there are NO EXAMINATIONS at the end of the year.

This course leads onto Level 3 Environmental Biology and possibly also Level 3 Biology (in consultation with HoF Science).


The makeup of this course could be selected from the range of achievement standards below:

AS 90810
Undertake a personal action, with reflection, that contributes to a sustainable future
6 Credits
Long Term Project
AS 90813
Demonstrate an understanding of how different personal values have implications for a sustainable future
3 Credits
Written Report
AS 91187
Carry out a practical Earth Science investigation
4 Credits
Practical Investigation
AS 91155
Demonstrate understanding of adaptations of plants or animals to their way of life
3 Credits
Research Project
AS 91866
Conduct an inquiry into the use of organisms to meet future needs
4 Credits
Research Project
junior and middle school girls