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SMC foundation diploma – food and nutrition


Course Outline:

The Year 11 Foundation Diploma for Food and Nutrition is designed for students to explore their interest in food and wellbeing. This course sits within the Health Curriculum and so the concepts are shared but with a food focus. Building positive attitudes and values towards food. Understanding how our relationships with others impacts on our food choice and the wellbeing of ourselves and others.

Knowledge, skills and understanding will be gained through three key study areas:

  • Exploration of the nutritional needs of adolescents
  • Cultural foods
  • Influence of the media

Building confidence, skills, and creative expression when working with food are also at the heart of this course.


Students will complete four formal assessment during the year:

  • Nutrition for adolescents (written report – 20%)
  • Food for adolescence (written report and practical presentations – 20%)
  • Food and culture (written report and practical explorations – 30%)
  • Media and food (exam – 30%)
junior and middle school girls