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SMC Foundation diploma – materials and fashion design


Course Outline: The SMC Foundation Diploma Materials and Fashion Design course allows students to develop an in-depth understanding of the worlds of fashion and material design. They will do this through a range of learning experiences, including samples, portfolio work, final outcomes, reflection evaluation, and visits to relevant tertiary and industries in the local area.

In the ‘Building Creative Confidence’ portfolio students will embark on a journey of play using a range of materials based equipment and resources:

  • Developing materials based skills in laser cutter, 3D printing, machine embroidery, screen printing, domestic sewing machine, construction techniques, the history of fashion, fashion illustration etc
  • Outcome development

In the ‘Shelter’ portfolio students develop skills in:

  • Prototype development
  • Material exploration
  • Construction testing
  • Reflection and evaluation

Students will complete four formal assessments during the year:

  • Development of creative competencies in relation to Materials Technology (portfolio assessment – 30%)
  • Develop an outcome utilising creative knowledge learnt in materials and fashion design (portfolio assessment – 30%)
  • Develop a materials based prototype to address a brief (portfolio assessment – 30%)
  • Evaluate a materials based outcome (written essay – 10%)  
junior and middle school girls