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SMC foundation diploma – product and media design


Course Outline: This course will encourage students to follow their interest and passion to create a product. They can also combine skills from other subjects or co-curricular events e.g. music, art, science, product design, biotech, and many others.

This course is both interesting and challenging, encouraging students to negotiate their own part of study and requires time management, organisational, communication, and design skills. Students are expected to work both individually and in groups, as well as participating in extension activities and outside the classroom learning opportunities. Students will have access to a range of guest speakers and industry representatives who will provide feedback directly on student projects.

Students will complete four formal assessments during the year:

Designer research (practical presentation) – 20%

Building creative confidence (portfolio) – 30%

Outcome creation (portfolio) – 40%

Evaluate a technological outcome (assessment  task) – 10%

junior and middle school girls