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smc foundation diploma – design and visual communication


Course Outline: The Year 11 Foundation Diploma Course for Design and Visual Communication allows students to explore an architectural design project, detailed interior exploration, a designer inspired furniture project, and a presentation that will extend ideas through advertisement or promotion.

Students will develop their skills in visual literacy and creative thinking. They will be required to apply these skills as they go, through the design process. Students will develop an understanding of a design brief, conduct research, create concepts, refine, review, and develop design ideas.

Skills Development

  • Visual literacy
  • Presentation
  • Technical drawing
  • Modeling
  • Sketching
  • CAD


Students will complete four formal assessments during the year:

  • Spatial Design (Portfolio) – 30%
  • Detailed Interior Exploration (Technical Drawing) – 20%
  • Design Inspired (Portfolio) – 25%
  • Advertise or Promote (Presentation) – 25%           
Course Costs
Students will need some graphic media and instrumental equipment.
This course leads to: NCEA Level 2 Design and Visual Communication.
junior and middle school girls