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IB Group 5 – Mathematics


The IB Mathematics programmes take account of two fundamental considerations: background knowledge and technical skill. Some students intend to pursue the study of Mathematics at a higher level, while for others the subject has less importance.


The general aims of the Mathematics programmes are to provide courses which develop:

  • A student’s understanding of Mathematics as a discipline;
  • An attitude to Mathematics in students favourable to subsequent learning and the use of the subject;
  • A student’s ability to learn mathematics on their own

Performance Criteria

In all courses offered, students will be expected to demonstrate under examination conditions:

  • General competence in using syllabus items in mathematical problems;
  • Knowledge of mathematical concepts and essential terminology and notation;
  • Ability to represent situations in mathematical terms and hence examine their implications and possibilities and arrive at definite conclusions.


Assessment is based on the examination result (80%) and internally assessed project work (20%) for all three courses.

junior and middle school girls