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The Arts
Theatre Arts

The IB Theatre Arts programme, offered at Higher Level, will engage with a diverse forms of theatre in theoretical, historical and cultural contexts. Beyond the study of theatre, and more importantly, students will learn by engaging in theatre practice and performance. At the core of the theatre course lies a concern with clarity of understanding, clear intent, critical thinking, reflective analysis, effective involvement and imaginative synthesis—all achieved through practical engagement in theatre.

Critical to every IB Theatre Arts student is the importance of working independently and as a member of an ensemble.

Areas of Study

The IB Theatre Arts course consists of three interdependent components:

  1. Theatre in Context
  2. Presenting Theatre
  3. Theatre processes

Assessment Outline

External Assessment – 75%

  •     Solo theatre piece – 35%
  •     Director’s notebook – 20%
  •     Research presentation – 20%

Internal Assessment – 25%

  •     Collaborative project 25%

This is a two-year course. There will be costs that arise throughout the year for attendance at workshops and ticketed events.

There are no external examinations for this course.

junior and middle school girls