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ib group 6
The Arts

The aims of the IB Music programme are to:

  • Give students the opportunity to explore and enjoy the diversity of music throughout the world.
  • Encourage students to develop perceptual skills through a breadth of musical experiences where they will learn to recognise, speculate, analyse, identify, discriminate and hypothesise in relation to music.
  • Enable students to develop creativity, their knowledge, abilities and understanding through performance and composition.
  • Assist students to develop their potential as musicians.

The Higher Level programme is designed for the specialist music student with a background in solo musical performance and composition.

The Standard Level programme has three options:

  • Solo Performance
  • Group Performance
  • Composition

All programmes include Musical Perception and Analysis.

The Performance and Composition programmes are assessed internally and externally moderated, and Musical Perception is assessed by external examination.

Group 6 – Music