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ib group 6
The Arts

The aims of the IB Music programme are to:

  • Give students the opportunity to explore and enjoy the diversity of music throughout the world.
  • Encourage students to develop perceptual skills through a breadth of musical experiences where they will learn to recognise, speculate, analyse, identify, discriminate and hypothesise in relation to music.
  • Enable students to develop creativity, their knowledge, abilities and understanding through performance and composition.
  • Assist students to develop their potential as musicians.

The Higher Level programme is designed for the specialist music student with a background in solo musical performance and composition.

The Standard Level programme has three options:

  • Solo Performance
  • Group Performance
  • Composition

All programmes include Musical Perception and Analysis.

The Performance and Composition programmes are assessed internally and externally moderated, and Musical Perception is assessed by external examination.

junior and middle school girls