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IB Group 5
Analysis and Approaches – Standard Level

Entry Recommendations: Successful completion of the Foundation Diploma 11MAX with proficient or above or 119 Mathematics with advanced or outstanding in most assessments..

Course Outline: This programme is designed to provide a background of mathematical thought and a reasonable level of technical ability for those not wishing to take Mathematics at Higher Level. It is intended to provide a sound mathematical basis for those students planning to pursue many areas of further studies, including Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Technology, Chemistry, Economics and Geography.  It is a programme that contains a wide variety of mathematical topics.

Areas of Study:

  • Number and Algebra

  • Functions 

  • Geometry and Trigonometry

  • Statistics and Probability

  • Calculus

Course Requirement: A Casio graphics calculator 


Internal – 20% mathematical exploration
External – 80% examination (two paper – one paper technology free)

junior and middle school girls