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IB Group 4
Design Technology

Design Technology, like other IB programmes, is a two-year course and is available at both Standard and Higher Level. Students who have not completed any Year 10 or Year 11 Technology programmes are welcome to choose Design Technology. Design Technology is a Group 4 subject (Sciences) and has a similar structure but with some differences which arise from the design project, a unique feature of this subject. While some of the activities are practical and workshop-based, the bulk of the course is theoretical study and research.


The course is based on a model of learning that incorporates knowledge, skills and design principles in problem-solving contexts. The design cycle is at the core of the course and it is expected that students will use this process in the practical work as well as the theory.


Through studying Design Technology students should become aware of how designers work. In this context the course aims to:

  • provide opportunities for design research and creativity
  • provide a body of knowledge, methods and techniques which characterise technology
  • develop an ability to analyse, evaluate and synthesise technical information
  • develop experimental and investigative skills in a technological environment
  • raise awareness of moral, ethical, social, economic and environmental implications of using technology

Areas of Study

  1.     The Design Project

A major project that follows the design cycle from analysis of a design opportunity through to prototype and evaluation. It is recommended that the project be materials based.

  1.     The Group 4 Project

An interdisciplinary research project carried out by a team or teams of students. The Group 4 project is led by the Science Faculty.

  1.     Investigations

Investigative research, in the form of mini-projects, linked to the core and the design cycle.

  1.     Core

A series of study topics relating to Technology e.g. designers and the design cycle, design innovation strategies, materials and production, sustainability and market development



Comprising 2 examination papers – 60%


Comprising the Design Project – 40%


While the course does not have a set fee, students are expected to meet their own costs incurred during the completion of assignments. e.g. materials purchased for projects.

junior and middle school girls