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These add-ons I’ve evaluated to be useful – they’re not just a long list!


Short Overview

  • Is a Google Chrome Extension you need to install.

  • If you are using Google Classroom to send out an assignment that you create as a Google Doc or Google Slide template for students to type on, this extension allows you to send out a template with comment boxes along the side of the template. Watch the video for more info.

PDF Candy

Short Overview

  • Is a website that allows you to convert a pdf file to a Word File. This can then be converted to a Google Doc to be then distributed as an assignment in Google Classroom. PLEASE ensure you comply with any copyright on the pdf file.

  • Process is
    • Go to the website¬†
    • Add your PDF file from your computer or Google Drive
    • Download the converted file to your laptop or Google Drive
    • Upload to Google Doc’s if not already there and then Open the file as a Google Doc to convert from Word to Google Doc
  • The converter site does a nice job (generally – not 100% of the time) of retaining the formatting of the original PDF document.
  • When converted to a Word file, it also allows you to copy/paste material from or into the document to other places.