NCEA Level 1 Accounting
Level 1
Number of Credits: 20

Entry Recommendations
Open entry.

Course Outline
Accounting is the study of measuring and communicating financial information for individuals, businesses and non-profit organisations. Students will gain knowledge, skills, and experience to manage the financial affairs of individuals, whānau, and local small entities, including community organisations, while acting with integrity.
Skills developed in the course:

  • Prepare and maintain financial records
  • Manage financial affairs
  • Act with integrity
  • Contribute to the wider community
  • Process financial information
  • Analyse financial information
  • Interpret financial information


AS 90976
Demonstrate understanding of accounting concepts for small entities
3 Credits
AS 90977
Process financial information for a sole proprietor
5 Credits
AS 90978
Prepare financial statements for sole proprietors
5 Credits
AS 90980
Interpret accounting information for sole proprietors
4 Credits
AS 90981
Make a financial decision for an individual or group
3 Credits
Level 1 Accounting