NCEA Level 3 LEAP – Leadership, Exercise, Attitude and Performance
Level 3
Number of Credits: 18

Entry Recommendations:  Open entry.  

Course Outline: Students will develop the opportunity to further fulfil the key dimensions of the LEAP PE course through leading others, exercise, having a positive attitude and enhancing performance across a range of physical activities. In this course students will experience Outdoor Education opportunities through a camp and outdoor pursuits. The emphasis is on learning through experimental physical activity and gaining valuable vocational skills in the Physical Education and Health Industry. 

Skills developed in the course: 

  • A variety of physical skills 
  • Leadership of self and others 
  • An understanding of the fitness industry 
  • Safety management strategies in the outdoors 

Course Costs:  Physical activity experiences $40, Camp approximately $300


Analyse issues in safety management for outdoor activity to devise safety management strategies
3 Credits
Written Assignment
Assessment Period - Term 1
AS 91501
Demonstrate quality of movement in the performance of a physical activity in an applied setting
4 Credits
Physical performance
Assessment Period - Term 1 & 3
AS 91505
Examine contemporary leadership principles applied in physical activity contexts
4 Credits
Assessment Period - Term 3
US 27717
Instruct a core conditioning with equipment class
7 Credits
Practical teaching
Assessment Period - ongoing across the year
Level 3 LEAP – Leadership, Exercise, Attitude and Performance