NCEA Level 2 Chinese
Level 2
Number of Credits: up to 19

Entry Recommendations: Completion of NCEA Level 1 Chinese or in consultation with the Head of Faculty.

Course Outline: This course moves from the immediate self, emphasised at Level 1, to focusing on perspectives of others. Students further develop linguistic and intercultural competence acquired in Level 1 Chinese. They learn to convey and exchange information, ideas and opinions about familiar situations and topics, such as future plans, health and well-being, leisure, and latest trends in the culture.

Skills developed in the course

  • Intercultural communicative competence
  • Listening skills: understanding of spoken texts on familiar matters
  • Reading skills: understanding of written and visual texts on familiar matters
  • Speaking skills: communicating orally using effective language
  • Writing skills: communicating in writing about a variety of familiar topics

Course Costs: Approximately $80 to cover field trips, online subscription, competitions and student workbook.

The course leads to: NCEA Level 3 Chinese.

Assessment: Components of this course will be selected from the following standards to suit individual learning needs.

AS 91108
Demonstrate understanding of a variety of spoken Chinese texts on familiar matters
5 Credits
AS 91109
Interact using spoken Chinese to share information and justify ideas and opinions in different situations
5 Credits - optional
Assessment Period - Term 2, Week 8
AS 91110
Give a spoken presentation in Chinese that communicates information, ideas and opinions
4 Credits - optional
Assessment Period - Term 3, Week 9
AS 91111
Demonstrate understanding of a variety of written and/or visual Chinese text(s) on familiar matters
5 Credits
AS 91112
Write a variety of text types in Chinese to convey information, ideas and opinions in genuine contexts
5 Credits
Assessment Period - Term 4, Week 1
Level 2 Chinese