NCEA Level 1 Creative Technologies – Design & Visual Communication
Level 1
Number of Credits: 16-19

Entry Recommendations: Open entry. Year 10 Design & Visual Communication is recommended but not essential, however students who have successfully completed Year 10 DVC have priority entry.

Course Outline: This course is comprised of two major design projects – a product design and a spatial design. Students are provided with the opportunity to develop skills in visual literacy and creative thinking. The course also includes a case study of a notable designer of the student’s choosing.

Skills developed in the course:

Students are taught how to communicate knowledge using a range of visual communication techniques such as:

  • Sketching and Rendering
  • Instrumental Drawing
  • Modelling
  • Presentation
  • Computer Aided Design

Course Costs: Students will need some graphic media and instrumental equipment in addition to the Year 10 requirements. Students may be charged for some course related costs throughout the year.

This course leads to: NCEA Level 2 Design & Visual Communication or IB Design Technology.

Assessment: Components of this course will be selected from the following standards to suit individual learning needs.

AS 91063
Produce freehand sketches that communicate design ideas
3 Credits
AS 91069
Construct a basic computer program for a specified task
3 Credit4
AS 91066
Use rendering techniques to communicate the form of design ideas
3 Credits
AS 91067
Use the work of an influential designer to inform design ideas
3 Credits
AS 91068
Undertake developmetn of design ideas through graphics practice
6 Credits
Level 1 Creative Technologies – Design and Visual Communication