NCEA Level 1 Creative Technologies – Textiles
Level 1
Number of Credits: up to 22

Entry Recommendations: Open entry. Year 10 Materials Technology (Interior Creations and/or Fashion) is recommended.

Course Outline: The Level 1 Textile Technology course addresses the requirements of the technology achievement standards through two projects – ‘Lower Half Garment’ and Shelter.

In the ‘Lower Half Garment’ project students build on knowledge gained in Year 10 in:

  • brief development
  • concept drawing
  • basic garment construction
  • creativity

In the ‘Shelter’ project students develop skills in:

  • prototyping
  • material exploration
  • garment construction 

Students will also write a report based on modelling techniques that they have used in their practice for their external assessment.

Course Costs: Approximately $100-$150.  All costs of materials used in the construction of the design solution are the responsibility of the student.  

The course leads to: NCEA Level 2 Materials Technology or IB Design Technology

Assessment: Components of this course will be selected from the following standards to suit individual learning needs.

AS 91044
Undertake brief development to address a need or opportunity
4 Credits
Assessment Period - Term 2, Week 7
AS 91058
Implement basic procedures using textile materials to make a specified product
6 Credits
Assessment Period - Term 4, Week 2
AS 91047
Undertake development to make a prototype to address a brief
6 Credits
Assessment Period - Term 3, Week 9
AS 91048
Demonstrate understanding of how technological modelling supports decision-making
4 Credits
Written Report
Assessment Period - Term 4, Week 3
Level 1 Creative Technologies – Textiles